Chris Wallace

Partner & Creative Director @ Lift UX

My Thoughts on Calypso

So I’ve seen quite a number of reviews on the new Calypso application from the team floating around twitter and the Post Status Club Slack channel (if you’re not a member, you should be, it is 1,000% worth it). Many of the opinions centered on the fact that Calypso is a vote of no-confidence in the current WP admin architecture. While I agree with that, I also write this very post from that admin, which is used by millions of sites around the world. I’ve been waiting to hear some reactions from inside and outside the WordPress community before I offer my own thoughts on the matter.


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I had the privilege of chatting with Carrie, Suzette, Nick, Chris, Jason, and Steve about commercial WordPress themes, which is one of the things I’ve been writing about on my blog lately. Watch the episode below and make sure to subscribe to WP Watercooler here. (more…)