Chris Wallace

Partner & Creative Director @ Lift UX

I had the privilege of chatting with Carrie, Suzette, Nick, Chris, Jason, and Steve about commercial WordPress themes, which is one of the things I’ve been writing about on my blog lately. Watch the episode below and make sure to subscribe to WP Watercooler here. (more…)

Calculating the Profitability of WordPress Themes How to Decide if Selling Themes is Right for You

This post is a response to Chris Lema’s post titled, “Four mistakes WordPress theme vendors make.” Chris makes some fantastic points about theme companies that I must reiterate here and also expound upon.


You Need to Stop Selling WordPress Themes or at least realize you're doing it all wrong

Philip Arthur Moore wrote a great article about how theme developers are “ruining WordPress” by selling broken or hard-to-use themes resulting in users moving away from WordPress because they think the problem is the CMS rather than the piece of crap theme they just purchased. It was a post that discusses some of the issues with building a theme just to sell it, rather than researching the needs of website owners and building comprehensive, end-to-end solutions.


Are WordPress Themes a Commodity?

There are a growing number of WordPress minds drawing the conclusion that the WordPress theme market has reached commoditization. The general consensus is that themes are easy to acquire or build and lack differentiation in a saturated market. Being a theme developer, I agree with this line of thought and want to explain why this has happened and what themers should do to create a sustainable business with WordPress themes.


Introducing the Worldview Theme: Beautiful Storytelling

We’ve been hard at work on a new theme at UpThemes called Worldview. This theme is the result of months of hard work, tweaking and refining the design to pixel perfection. My goals for the Worldview theme were simple.