Chris Wallace

VP of Experience Design at 10up

Looking back on 2016 a year for growth, change, and pivots

As we wind down the final days of 2016, the Lift UX team is preparing for Christmas and the new year. At the end of this week, we will take some time to refresh, recharge, and begin planning for 2017. Reflecting on this past year, we hit quite a few milestones and saw our team grow to seven people strong.

A few highlights:

  1. We welcomed Gedy Leon and Matt Pritchett to the team.
  2. We successfully saw an exit with UpThemes earlier this year to help focus our team on other products and client work. It was a huge blessing to meet Andy Wilkerson at PressNomics, where we literally negotiated most of the deal on the golf course. Knowing that Andy is extremely passionate about taking care of customers and releasing high quality products, we never had a single concern that he would not continue the work we had been doing with the UpThemes brand for 6 years prior.
  3. We rebranded the company. It had been a long time coming for a proper rebrand and we finally pulled the trigger on designing brand elements that we’re all absolutely loving. As any designer will tell you, designing for your own company is sometimes the toughest part of life but we took the challenge on and are pleased with the results.
  4. Christian was promoted to Director of Technology and Anthony celebrated his five-year work anniversary at the company.
  5. Brad and I celebrated 7 years at the helm of Lift UX and officially changed the parent company name to Lift UX, LLC from Walmedia, LLC.
  6. We created a new internal product called Playbook, a living app and web style guide system for building and maintaining a library of components that can be used across a brand’s suite of apps and web properties.
  7. We released a new version of Faithmade that is now open for churches AND non-profits, with a powerful donation system and a streamlined site setup process to make it easier to get up and running with a website. We also learned that free isn’t always better and that people really don’t mind paying an upfront fee if it means they can launch their website confidently within a week or two.
  8. In addition to that, we started experimenting with Rancher for building scalable server configurations for Faithmade. I’m excited about the tests thus far and we’ve seen massive speed improvements over our setup on AWS.
  9. We released, a new website that connects remote companies with job seekers. We love hiring people remotely but realized we can’t hire everyone, so why not invest in building a platform that can?
  10. We successfully launched major projects for GoDaddy, Campus Insiders, Pressed Platform, AMC Networks, and others.

Looking back at 2016, I’m thrilled with how our team has come together to combine great design with industry-leading engineering to produce things that remove obstacles for users, replace outdated code and technology, and ultimately push our clients into a new digital frontier.

Looking to 2017

We have a ton of projects already locked in for January and February of 2017. It’s a little overwhelming to think about (especially with our family’s Disney vacation thrown in the middle) but we are excited about the work we’re doing and can’t wait to show the world what’s possible when you call Lift UX.

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